The day-in-and day-out mothers.

The single mothers.

The nursing mothers.

The working mothers.

The stay-at-home mothers.

The lost her baby to miscarriage or gun violence mothers.

The born to be a mother, but still longs to be mother, mothers.

The black, brown, indigenous, we see you womxn of color mothers.

The queer mothers.

The auntie mothers.

The broken-hearted mothers.

The pregnant mothers.

The surrogate mothers.

The empty-nester mothers.

The missing mothers.

The gone too soon mothers.

The wounded mothers.

The imperfect mothers.

The depressed mothers.

The struggling mothers.

The complicated mothers.

The in-between jobs and trying to make ends meet mothers.

The burn down the patriarchy mothers.

The fighting for equality and freedom mothers.

The ‘it’s my body’ mothers.

The bad-ass mothers.

The teenage mothers.

The in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s mothers.

The in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and still fierce mothers.

The grand-mothers.

The healing mothers.

The sacrificing mothers.

The doing and did their best mothers.

The lives beneath our feet mother.
The light up the night sky mother.

Every corner of the universe is mother.

You are all beautiful mothers.
Perfect as you are mothers.
Blessed creator mothers.
Divine mothers.

You are mother with a capital M, Mother.

May you know your power, Mother.
May you know your worth, Mother.
May you wear your crown, Mother.

Exalted Mother.
Magnificent Mother.
Queen Mother.

When we hear your name our soul immediately kneels in recognition to you, Mother.

Humanity began with you, Mother.
You began with Mother.

We kiss and lay flowers at your feet Mother.
We bow our heads in gratitude at your alter Mother,
and repeat,
Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you, Mother.

Mother smiles then responds,
“Let me kiss and lay flowers at your feet.
Let me bow my head at your alter,
for your love,
made me Mother.”


If you’re mourning your mother, have a complicated relationship with your mother, or/and learning to mother yourself I’m sending you so much love, healing and tenderness. 

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