Uproot supremacy from your body and leadership
Uphold equity, justice and liberation for all

“I am not free while any woman is unfree,
even when her shackles are very different from my own.”
-Audre Lorde



Uprooting supremacy and the way oppression shows up within us is our shadow work in this lifetime.

It’s something that shows up in the way we relate and the way we lead.

Our individual and collective futures depend on it.

We must be steadfast in our commitment to confront all the ways in which we perpetuate, uphold and internalize oppression.

This is how we all get free.

You may have been reading the books, amplifying the voices of marginalized folks and giving to the causes but you know that there’s more to do. The reality we need all hands and hearts on deck. Uprooting supremacy is not solely about cognitive understanding. You’re tasked with unmapping from the way supremacy operates within you and seeps into the way you lead and relate. This requires attunement to your embodied wisdom.

This work is grief work. This work is trauma work. This work is shadow work. This work is soul work. This work is liberation work — for you and our collective.

If you want to stand in solidarity you must explore your inner landscape and take action from a place rooted in your values.






Uproot supremacy from your body and leadership
Uphold equity, justice and liberation for all

Embodied Solidarity: 6-Week
Intensive is to uproot supremacy in your leadership and your body. Our exploration is spiritual, somatic, decolonial and healing.


We’ll go beyond a cognitive understanding of these themes and will incorporate meditation, somatic practice, and prompts to go deeper. These are some of themes we’ll be exploring together…

  • Unmap from the ways that white supremacy and dominance lives in your body, seeps into your leadership and has you perpetuating harm and internalizing oppressive structures
  • Unpack the intersections of power, privilege, gender as it relates to white supremacy
  • Expand your resilience
  • Map the way trauma intersect with oppressive structures
  • Dismantle the ways that supremacy shows up in your work (inadvertently or otherwise)
  • Confront and unpack anti-Blackness
  • Become a more powerful and empathetic space holder for spaces
  • Understand the links between many oppressive systems (supremacy, capitalism, ableism etc)
  • Understand and explore the origins of whiteness within our culture and your lineage
  • Lean into your embodied wisdom and commit to being in the work



If you’re still here and devoted to weaving the new world with actions grounded in equity, justice and liberation for all welcome to the work.




  • You know our liberation is inextricably tied to one another
  • You want your leadership to be deeply rooted in liberatory praxis
  • You want to transform guilt and shame
  • You’re afraid or being called in or out or cancelled
  • You’re overwhelmed, but know you can’t give up
  • You want to minimize the harm you cause in life, relationships and work
  • You’re not here for performance, to prove your social justice credentials, for cookies or accolades and are here for liberation (if you’re not completely there yet, this community will provide ways to do this)
  • You want to explore this liberatory work through a spiritual, somatic, decolonial and healing lens.


This will be the final round where Thérèse will be teaching live. This final live round open to white women who want to be in deeper solidarity to create a just and equitable world.

Classes will take place on Tuesdays starting on April 11 – May 16 starting at 1pm EST. May 23rd + May 30th are reserved as make-up days should we need them. All classes will be recorded and posted in the members’ portal.


March 31st at 11:59pm EST



Hello there, I’m so glad that you’re here.

I’m Thérèse Cator (she/her) and I’m a mother and the founder of Embodied Black Girl.

I’m also a Decolonial Leadership Coach, an Embodiment Practitioner and Teacher, a multi-disciplinary Artist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (advanced). My work bridges leadership, spirituality, healing, somatics, mindfulness, decolonization and social change. I deeply believes that healing is both personal and political; spiritual and corporeal and our liberation is interwoven.

In 2020 alone, I led healing circles for the Black community, attended by nearly 5,000 folks. I also led Becoming Human, a series of lessons for white people to dismantle white supremacy, for thousands of white and white passing people.

Embodied Solidarity is a continuation and deepening of this work. This work is based on my lived experience as a Black woman in America, being a mom to a Black son, my education, being raised by a community of activists and supporting thousands of BIPOC in my work. It also weaves together my work in spirituality, somatics, embodiment, mindfulness and healing and my experience in a multitude of industries, including non-profit, entertainment, technology, finance and education.