For a number of years, I have been diving deep into shadow work, first as a student, and then as a teacher and facilitator. I have seen this work transform not only my own life but the lives of the clients I’m honored to support. After spending over a decade of learning, experiencing and teaching a variety of personal transformation frameworks I can say that shadow work has created some of the deepest and most profound shifts that I have ever seen which is why it’s one of the core pillars in my coaching practice.

So that our definitions are aligned, here’s my interpretation of the shadow and shadow work:

Our shadow represents the unconscious parts of ourselves that drive our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Our shadow also carries the parts of ourselves and others that we shame, suppress, and judge. Usually created during a traumatic childhood event, our shadows formed due to our inability to process that event, therefore, our shadow became integrated into our subconscious as unconscious beliefs and points of views about ourselves, others and the world. As a result, our shadows puts limitations on what we can be, do and have.

Shadow work offers an experiential and intuitive process of uncovering and alchemizing the shadows that exist in the hidden corners of our subconscious and bringing them to the light. Through this holistic and integrative process of the shadow we gain unlimited access to our authentic power, creativity and brilliance. The core intention of this powerful work is to bring us full circle to our wholeness where we have access to all of our unique gifts. When we each embrace our light and our dark without judgement we change our lives, liberate our authentic self, and assist in the healing of humanity. Because…

Beyond our shadows is our light.

Our shadows tell us…

“I’m unworthy.”

“I’m bad.”

“I’m not lovable.”

“I’m stupid.”

“I’m broken.”

Yet, our light whispers…

“You are worthy.”

“You are good.”

“You are loved.”

“You are brilliant.”

“You are whole.”

Your shadow is your superpower in the dark.

It’s the superhighway to your soul, the gold in the dark and sacred container of your light.

The art of the shadow ask us to embrace the dark, so that we can stand firmly in our light. When we do we awaken our dormant gifts. However, your desire to awaken must be stronger than the fear that keeps you imprisoned.


A handful of years ago, I was constantly receiving images, words, signs, sensations in my meditations, in my dreams, and in my life about the work I was meant to do. I knew that I was meant to bring more soul into my work, but how exactly was a never-ending mystery. I just couldn’t quite “see” how it all looked and fit together. I would get ideas, do the necessary groundwork, and then something in me said, “No that’s not it,” and the idea along with my excitement fizzled. Frankly, I felt like I was reliving Groundhog Day. It was when I uncovered and begun the process of transforming my shadows around my purpose, that my vision started to crystallize.

The shadow that I uncovered was “I am not enough.” As I dove deeper, I saw how this shadow was controlling other areas of my life. Not being enough made me undervalue my gifts, enter agreements that were a win-lose, and made my boundaries wishy washy.

Transforming my shadow called back the parts of myself that I needed to stand in my true purpose — confidence to value my gifts, faith to walk my own path, and courage to draw a line in the sand when needed. It was also my permission slip, because healing this shadow made me realize that I had everything I needed to be fulfill my purpose as a teacher, healer and leader.

The funny thing – the answer was right in front of me. I come from a lineage of powerful healers, spiritual teachers and artists, but my shadow prevented me from seeing the deeper connections.

As I shared with you earlier, your shadow is your superpower in the dark because it always holds a sacred gift. For me, the superpower beyond my shadow was humility. Humility made me an avid student and also drove my incredible work ethic. I’ve always had a hunger for learning and the drive to apply it. This led me to study everything from the arts to spirituality to psychology to programming.

It was a beautiful aha moment, when I realized that the same shadow that was causing me so much pain and confusion had actually served me throughout my entire life. By uncovering and integrating the sacred superpower of my shadow I was then able to release and transform it. This is the art and beauty of the shadow.

When you access the sacred superpowers of your shadow it will allow you to…

-Let go of the stories and programming that keep you in same cycles.

-Create your own soul’s blueprint for reaching your desires.

-Reclaim your power and release victimhood.

-Ignite your creative fire.

-Release shame around your body, trauma, and past choices.

-Transform self-sabotaging behavior into aligned action.

-Heal yourself and your relationships both familial and intimate.

-Transform fear into faith.

-Make more money with meaning.

-Live purposefully and positively impact humanity at large.

Embrace The Gold In The Dark

*Close your eyes and take a deep breath and connect with an aspect of your life that has been challenging for you.

*Ask yourself what shadow could possibly be keeping you stuck in the same patterns, belief systems and behaviors?

*Knowing that every shadow holds your light, what sacred superpower could be lingering on the other side of your shadow?

>>>In the comments please share your shadow and/or the superpower that lies beyond it. I’m really looking forward to exploring the depths of this week’s conversation with you.<<<

With Love + Liberation,






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