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Create beauty.

Cultivate kindness.

Conjure creativity.

Activate the divine feminine daily with jaw-dropping fun.

Courage exists


in the small steps

and the BIG ones.

When you’re feeling down,

feel it fully

then invoke love, peace, and joy

with gratitude.

Share what you know,

because it  blooms brilliance

in you and others.

Trust the whispers of your soul

because she’s always telling you where to go.

Manifest miracles by asking for what you want regularly.

Harsh words drowns dreams,

so mind your tongue and your thoughts.

Motion and magic manifests desires.

Speak your truth and you’ll never lose your voice.

Comparison will rob you blind and keep your sacred gifts concealed.

Your brilliance is infinite and so are your ideas,

There’s always more of that where that came from.

True liberation happens only to the degree that you are true to yourself.

Failure is a perspective, so seek the lesson.

You are worthy of your desires,

Deserving of your dreams,

Loved for exactly who you are right now.

Beloved, you are a powerful creator.

What will you create?

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  • Beautiful!

  • This poem is perfect, Therese, and so was the timing. I clicked on it as I was getting off the phone with someone who was being negative and critical. Thanks to you, I’ve bounced right back!

    • I’m so happy to hear that Brian! The universe was definitely in sync – don’t you just love that?! Sending you lots of love.

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