On the most recent episode of the Visionary Womxn Podcast I asked my guest Carla Renata, “What’s the question you wished people would ask you?”

Her response…

“I wish people would ask me: How are you really doing?”

I find this question even more important now.

The global pandemic has not only impacted the way we live and work, it’s also impacted our mental health. With worldwide isolation many of us are finding ourselves feeling more anxious, depressed, fearful and sad than usual.

As a result, we’re reaching for familiar coping mechanisms.

A few days ago, I learned that alcohol sales had risen 55% during the month of March which is alarming.

This week’s medicine: Examine the healthy and unhealthy ways you’re coping with the global crisis.

When we bring attention to these coping mechanisms we can intentionally change the habits and patterns that are detrimental to our well-being.

These coping mechanisms can be subtle and overt.

I’ll be the first to say during these times we should watch our favorite shows (this weekend my family watched Elephants on Disney+ and loved it), eat our favorite comfort foods (I made a delicious vegan mac and cheese too), disconnect from social media, sleep in, connect with loved ones etc.

When we’re intentional about what we need and make space for it we feel nourished and replenished opposed to depleted.

I’ll emphasize…

We’re navigating uncharted territory and this is a balancing act.

We won’t do it perfectly, because perfection is a construct.

Be kind with yourself.

Be kind to others.

Be kind to the earth.

We’re all taking it one moment at time and doing the best we can with the tools we have.

We’ll get through it together.


These are the practices I’m currently leaning on.


Community is the lighthouse that allows you to navigate the most choppy waters. When we’re in an intentional community that creates courageous and safe spaces we can show up without pretenses. Our vulnerability creates space for healing.


Breathwork is an active meditation healing technique that have been used in cultures throughout history and in the yogic tradition is called pranayama. This practice allows you to somatically release and heal stored unconscious and unprocessed emotional material and trauma. So instead of having to talk about it you do the work somatically. In addition to this, breathwork helps to clear out your lungs which is important right now.


This year marks 16 years since I’ve cultivated a regular meditation practice. The act of sitting in silence is challenging. Even after all these years I still sometimes feel resistance, however, when I meditate it connects me to the deepest and simplest truth which is that I am whole exactly as I am. Especially since we live in a world that’s so busy and noisy I find that silence is important because we’re able to sift through the noise and access our truth.


Recently, I’ve been coming back to movement in a major way because I’ve been feeling so much additional collective energy. Movement has been the way I’ve been able to release that energy. When animals experience trauma they mobilize their bodies and we can do the same thing through conscious movement. It’s also a pathway to accessing our softness, strength and sensuality. And it’s fun!


Prayer to me is a dialogue with the Divine. Sometimes my practice is formal and structured and other times it free flows. These days my prayers have been vacillating between are asking for grace and gratitude.

What practices are you leaning on right now?

Please share with me in the comments.

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