Here on the east coast it’s officially Spring and I couldn’t be happier! After too many false starts to count it finally looks like we’re in the clear! I haven’t experienced an East coast winter from beginning to end in years and it’s been a loooooong one! So YAH for Spring!!!

Even though, it feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year, and yet here we are almost at the halfway mark of 2018.

Unbelievable right?

For many of us, the energy of spring makes us want to create. We want to write that book, launch that program, raise those funds, film that project and so on. Yet, many of us are still dealing with the side effects of a long winter that challenged us personally and/or professionally.

In quite a few circles that I’m a part of, women and men have shared that they’ve lost their way since the top of the year. The momentum is gone and many of them have found themselves not knowing what to do next and are left feeling off mission, off vision, and off track.

The reasons why? They primarily fall in these three categories.

1. A life event shook things up and led to questioning everything.

2. A world event shook things up and led to questioning everything.

3. A combination of the two.

As a result, many of they find themselves unable to create and do their soul’s work. I believe this is mirroring what is happening to many of us…

Right now, many of us are feeling torn or unsettled and wrestle with feeling unmotivated, unfocused, and overwhelmed. For those of us that try to push through, we’re often met with unforeseen obstacle after unforeseen obstacle.

What’s happening is what I’m calling a collective existential crisis.

It makes us wonder…

“What does this all mean?” “How did I/we get here?” “What am I really supposed to be doing?” “Am I on the right track?” “Does what I’m creating really matter?”

I understand this with all my heart.

Not only have I dealt with loss of a loved one, but things that are occurring in the world both domestically and abroad are very concerning and upsetting.

This has led me to do some major self-reflection in just about every area of my life and how I show up in the world. I’ve spent nights masterminding about world issues with friends, getting in action, and having meaningful conversations (both on and offline) about the social, political and economic systems have on women, BIPOC, immigrants, Natives, Muslims…

In the same vain, I’ve also found myself neglecting my soul projects. Instead of trying to force myself into action, I got curious about what lied deeper within.

I realized that a part of me felt that I had to choose between what my soul is leading me to do and making a greater contribution to humanity. Truth is, a part of me felt that I wasn’t doing enough and I would need many lifetimes to make a real impact.

I knew that these thoughts would never empower me so I did some soul excavation and this wisdom emerged…​


An existential crisis is a call to expand as leaders. When we use compassionate and responsible self-inquiry it results in a better understanding of ourselves and one another. It sharpens our vision, mission, and voice and informs our creations.

In reality, our care for humanity and our soul’s creations are intertwined. In this ecosystem, our care for humanity is the nourishment that feeds the soil of our creations.

It’s not a matter of choosing to either honor our soul’s creations or our desire to make contribution. If we remain open and true, our soul’s creations will reflect how our gifts are meant to support our collective rising.

​Allowing our care to shape our creations is a service to humanity.

We don’t need to know exactly how they will marry, all we need to do is honor the peculating questions and emerging answers to birth creations that are true.

The pitfall of an existential crisis is stagnation. If we reject the call to expand in our leadership and the complexity that deeper questioning brings, we run the risk of creating superficially.

This doesn’t negate the times when an existential crisis is asking us to pause, to mourn, to burn down, or to mend.

However, there are times an existential crisis isn’t a long drawn out affair. It’s calling us to rise up as leaders. That means making changes, showing up and creating from a place of deeper resonance. To do this we must let go of certain identities and face the complexities that surface as new ideas are born.

In those moments, many of us doubt the ideas that come to us or the new direction that has opened up.
We think…
“No one will want/get this.” 
”This is too weird or out there.”

In the midst of an existential crisis, we doubt the value of our creations, so we stop doing our work…

writing that book,
designing that offering,
creating that business,
launching that program,
producing that project,
building that organization…

When I think of this, two people who’ve inspired me a lot recently come to mind. Ryan Coogler and Tarana Burke.

Imagine if Ryan Coogler stopped writing Black Panther because it’s never been done before?

Imagine if Tarana Burke didn’t create the #MeToo movement because no one would listen?

In both cases, we clearly see their care and consciousness infused in their work, and I’m sure they like everyone had moments of doubt and might have even faced an existential crisis or two.

And in case you’re thinking, “I’m not a renowned filmmaker or a leader of a global organization”, I’ll gently remind you…

Regardless of size, all of our creations are vital. Share on X

Besides both Ryan and Tarana had to show up and do the work while honoring their soul’s call for many years without acclaim or applause.

True leadership is allowing our existential crisis to show us how we’re being called to be of service, and allowing those messages to move and reveal itself in our work. 

What would you create if you honored your soul’s call and your call to be of service to humanity?​

Let me know in the comments.

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With soul honoring,






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