This week I celebrated my birthday!!! 🎉 🎈🎉

This week I was also interviewed by Sarah Regan of MindBodyGreen on soul searching: What it means and how to do it.

And that got me thinking, birthdays can be a time of celebration but it’s also a time of deep introspection. I kinda feel to some degree soul searching and birthdays go hand-in-hand. That’s probably the Scorpio in me talking. 😂

However, soul searching doesn’t only happen on birthdays: A breakup, a move, a new opportunity, losing a loved one, a new baby, the pandemic are just some of the things that come to mind. Sometimes our soul searching quests can feel easeful and other times it can feel like the dark night of the soul that never ends or even somewhere in the messy middle.

What’s not often discussed is that living in a culture that thrives on certainty and capitalism soul searching can be seen as a failure instead of a completely normal and necessary part of our human experience.

If right now you’re searching your soul for deeper clarity and alignment I’m cheering you on and I hope this can serve as a lighthouse.

What Soul Searching Really Means & 9 Ways To Do It, From Experts

by Sarah Regan for MindBodyGreen

Whether you’re feeling lost, stuck, or simply uninspired, it can be hard to ignore when soul searching needs to take place. But how do you actually get started? To find out, we asked experts about their tips for soul searching, plus what it really means.

What “soul searching” really means.

Continue reading the article here.

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