It was Nelson Mandela who said,

Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression. Share on X

As women, we’ve made many strides. For starters, we’ve earned the right to vote, we’re able to hold office and we no longer have to sit at the back of the bus.

As we celebrate those achievements, let us remember there is more to do.

All over the world women are still oppressed. In countries where women and girls are marginalized, we can clearly see the disparities. However, for those of us who enjoy the comforts that living in a modern country afford us, the oppression of women is more complex.

Oppression for the modern woman is wrapped in shame, silence and separation.

We’re shamed about our bodies. We’re told what size we should be. We’re taught that our sexuality is dangerous and that anger and assertiveness makes us bitches. We learn that being emotional equals weakness, that our desires are frivolous, and femininity is our enemy.

We’re silenced by a society that tells us to be strong, but not too strong or we’ll be labelled angry. A society that places “good” girls on a pedestal and exploits the “bad” ones.  A society that tells us not to be too much (of anything) or else.

We separate ourselves from our sisters. We learn not to trust other woman because they’ll take take what we have — whether it’s a man or a job. We separate ourselves from men. Instead of seeing them as brothers, we lose ourselves in their presence either by shrinking or overcompensating.

In the worst cases, there are women who oppress other women and defend and protect the very individuals and institutions that have oppressed us all.

However, many of us continue to buy into the idea that happiness equals having a man, excelling at our career, being a supermom with a picture perfect family. We spend years falling into this fictional wonder woman trap and we pour our souls into our men and partners, into our children, into our jobs and into everyone around us. After many years of doing this, we’re left running on empty wondering who we’ve become.

At this point, we seek out practices that help us — we do yoga, we meditate, we chant, and try anything else that promises to recalibrate our souls.

Yet, deep down the wound still exists in our hearts.

How do we heal?

Sisterhood is the answer.

Throughout human history, the power of sisterhood was evident and the divine feminine was revered. Societies that honored sisterhood and celebrated the divine feminine were led by compassionate qualities. It can be hard to imagine from our vantage point that such loving, peaceful, and progressive societies ever existed.

In order to come full circle, we must commit to a vision of a peaceful, just and loving world. Through sisterhood we’re able to heal our hearts and the collective heart of the world and compassionately solve our global problems.

Sisterhood is sovereignty and wholeness simultaneously. Share on X

As we deepen our understanding of sisterhood we will start to regain the divine feminine qualities that once lead us. We will live and be led by compassion, love, receptivity, sensuality, creativity and intuition.

When we take a stand for sisterhood we stand for ourselves, our families and the world. It takes strength to stand for freedom, to want equality and justice for all, and live in a world that works for everyone.

However, together, through sisterhood we can create this and more.

Will you take a stand for sisterhood?

If so, in the comments share what sisterhood means to you.

>>>Will you take a stand for sisterhood? If so, in the comments share what sisterhood means to you. Also, I’d if you enjoyed this piece please share it with the folx in your life.<<<



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