“If this was the last piece you’d ever write, what would you say?”

This was the question a woman who was being interviewed said she asked herself before she sat down to write.

When I heard this I thought, “Wow! What a brilliant idea! What if I did this the next time I wrote?”

Well I did this little experiment recently.

Guess what happened?

It was an EPIC fail!

I stared furiously at the blinking cursor for what felt like eternity.

I felt such an overwhelming amount of pressure to write something “substantial” that nothing came out.

I felt nothing could truly encapsulate what I had to say because I felt the burden of “my last words” heavily weigh on my shoulders.

So how did I turn this this epic fail into a take flight moment?

I asked myself this:

“What does my soul year to say today?”

When I asked this, the blocks lifted and my writing was set free.

Words streamed effortlessly and before I knew it I was done.

In doing this I was reminded of two important lessons:

When you give yourself permission to fail you have nothing to lose. Share on X When you try to fit into someone else's you can't create your own magic. Share on X

So are you giving yourself permission to fail? Or are you trying to fit into someone else’s box?

Trying to fit into someone else’s box might be trying to do something that you don’t believe in, but because it worked for your friend or colleague or a celebrity then you believe it’s the thing you must do.

Trying to fit into someone else’s box might even be living in a location that doesn’t nurture your soul, but you’ve convinced yourself you have to live there.

Trying to fit into someone else’s box is second guessing yourself when you’ve already know the answer for what you should do next.

I’d love to know what is ONE way you’re going to stop fitting into someone else’s box? Let me know in the comments.

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