When you feel like contracting or closing in…


That is the only way your creativity can flow freely.

When you have an idea for someone.

A brilliant idea that would make them oodles of money or rock they’re world.

Call them.

What if they’re not your friend?

Call them anyway.

How about if you hate them with a passion?

Then pick up the phone right now.

No matter what you do make sure you do one thing:

Expand like your life depended on it.

Because it does.

Not just your creative life.

But your very life itself.

And when you think you don’t have more to give.

Expand some more.
Do it just so you can prove to yourself that don’t, can’t and all other contractions are powerless words.
Do not.
Who came up with that anyway?

Regardless all of those ideas are figments of your imagination.
Pretty soon you’ll laugh that you ever thought you were anything but…
Yes that’s what you are.

Accept it.

Embrace it.

Be it.

And your creativity is begging you to set this limitless possibility free…

I used the word “this” instead of “your” because something is only yours when you own it with every fiber of your being.

However, before that can happen, you’ve got to make a choice.

A choice that you may scream, wail, and fight against with all your might.

Will you have affair with contraction(s)?

Will you step back into your cocoon?

You know where your cocoon is and what you do there.

Maybe even your best friend doesn’t know that part of you, but you do.

That place you go to where no one can touch you.

You probably go there out of fear – another word for contraction(s).

And guess what love is?  You guessed it.

See how smart you are?

I told you, you were limitless.

Let’s face it even with your infinite brilliance.

We all have our cocoons.
And can you blame us?
You?  Me?  Really, any of us?

Cocoons are warm.

Cocoons are safe.

Oh yes, let’s not forget cozy.

But remember way back when you busted out of a cocoon X (insert your laps around the sun) years ago for a reason.

Even then, you knew you were bigger than who you appeared to be.

Even then…

You gave up warmth.

You gave up all the coziness in the world.

You gave up safety.

Especially safety.

All because you wanted more and somewhere inside of you, you knew you were more.

You wanted to EXPAND.

You needed to EXPAND.

At that time your life depended on it.

Guess what?

It still does.

Inside every seed contains the DNA of endless ripe fruits.

Are you ripe for the pickin’?

Will you allow yourself to do the one thing your soul aches for but your mind fears?

If so…

Do it today.

Forget today.

Do it now.

There really is no other choice, in my humble opinion.

But in the end, it’s up to you.

EXPAND or contract?

EXPAND or safety?

EXPAND or coziness?

EXPAND or death?

EXPAND to share your endless fruits with the whole wide world?

What do you choose?

The choice is yours.



  • Timely, poetic, sincere and on point. Love this message Therese. I have been “cozy”…let’s leave it at that. Living in our brilliance takes letting go of who we think we are more than trying to become more of who we’re not. Injecting other peoples values into our lives and attempting to live an idealistic lifestyle traps the energy of expansion.

    We’re under the impression that as long as we live our lives in the way that marketing influences us to, and in a way that friends & family accept us, that we’re living cozy little lives “as we are” where we don’t rock the boat too much. This isn’t living. It’s existing.

    The challenge, most all of this is occurring unconsciously. Below the radar. Your posts sheds light on it.

    Love it. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Tony!  We’ve all been cozy…I’ll leave it at that too. 🙂  “Living in our brilliance” that alone makes life worth living.  I loved the comparison between living and existing.  Gosh it is so easy to exist but how hard it seems to be to live.  Yes children seem to do it so simply.  Ah the wonder.  Love to you for sharing so candidly and honestly.  xo

  • Beautiful Therese! and I couldn’t agree more!  Thanks for this!


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