Community Rooted Somatically Attuned Trauma Informed Culture Shifting


I deeply believe that…

As we untether from colonial and cultural conditioning, unlearn patriarchal programming and unearth our sacred gifts our rooted leadership can weave the new world.

I act a space holder, a witness, a mirror for you to reclaim the fullness of who you are. We sit by the fire or sometimes in the fire together. I’ll ask you deep questions, offer reflection and intuitive hits, illuminate blindspots and witness you as your cross the threshold to a more embodied expression of yourself. We do this work while honoring your sovereignty and wholeness. The work exists to reveal your wholeness and dismantle the internalized hierarchies that keep you from knowing and expressing your embodied brilliance.

The work that we do together is rooted in…

Community, decolonization, secure attachment, somatic awareness, and trauma informed practices.

People come to work with me when they’re at a threshold. Sometimes that threshold looks like a crossroads, sometimes it looks like…

  • Looping in states of anxiety, fear, overwhelm, anger, depression and loneliness
  • Repeating intergenerational patterns and trauma
  • Feeling spiritually disconnected
  • Battling feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism, and people pleasing
  • Constantly delaying their dreams and undervaluing their gifts and talents
  • Unable to make room for their needs and desires
  • Confusion and soul crushing self-doubt
  • Lacking boundaries in relationships and work and overcompensating and overgiving
  • Feeling like an imposter
  • Chasing external markers of success
  • Shaming, disowning, and judging ourselves
  • Expressing ourselves and our needs in unhealthy ways
  • Feeling angry at the unfairness of life
  • Struggling to find our most authentic voice in our lives and work
  • Losing a beloved
  • Leaving a relationship (breakups and divorce)

I remind you that you are whole, that you don’t have to do it alone, that you have a chorus of spiritual cheerleaders on your side and guide you to the answers that are within.

During our work I lean on…

  • my coaching background (I have 11 years of coaching experience with in depth training is shadow work)
  • embodiment and creativity practices (I hold an MFA in theater, I’m a life long artist having practiced many mediums, and I’m a storyteller)
  • somatic attunement (I’ve been mentored in somatic attunement (based on Somatic Experiencing created by Peter Levine), Attachment dynamics, Polyvegal Theory)
  • intergenerational healing + energy work (I come from many generations of healers which greatly informs my healing work. I’m also Breathwork Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner)
  • meditation and mindfulness (I’ve been practicing for 16 years including 100 hours of Vipassana)
  • subconscious re-patterning (I’m trained in neuro-linguistic programming)
  • community, decolonization and anti-racism (I was raised by activists and organizers and community was a very integral part of my upbringing. My studies interweave the broader themes of race, gender, history, mythology, economics, psychology, culture and art)

I’m deeply devoted to the liberation and healing of all people especially Black Women and Women of Color. To spiral deeper below you’ll find my current offerings.