You are not alone.

How many times have we heard these words or uttered them to someone?

And yet, how often do we choose to suffer alone as we face grief, anxiety, fear, shame, doubt, confusion and overwhelm?

Instead of reaching out, we reach for coping devices to numb our emotions, which inevitably leads to reliving old stories and looping in unhealthy patterns.

How do we break the cycle?

By anchoring to the truth of who we are.
The truth is you are whole and…
There’s nothing within you that you can’t face.
There’s no emotion that’s too big or too scary.
There’s no shadow that’s too dark.

Embodied Breathwork is an invitation to unearth the deep wisdom and deep medicine of your body and breath.
Embodied Breathwork is an invitation to reclaim your joy, courage, power and sovereignty.
Ultimately, Embodied Breathwork is a call to love yourself fiercely and unconditionally.

You are your medicine.

Clients come to me for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons to consider booking a session…

  • Feel deep in the troughs of emotional turmoil: fear, anger, grief, sadness, depression, anxiety, overwhelm
  • Want to heal your trauma (conscious and unconscious) head on, no holding back
  • Craving a major dose of self-love, self-affirmation, and peace of mind and heart
  • Feel emotionally blocked, run-down, numb or just blah
  • You’re an empath who tends to absorb the energy of others (your clients, your colleagues, your partner, your children, or even strangers) that you’d like to release
  • Want to deeply connect to your own intuition and inner wisdom
  • Desire to unleash your creativity
  • Simply feel called to this work

If you’re brand new to breathwork…

If you’re new to this practice, I’ll share what I say when I lead circles: “If you can breathe, you can do it!”  People laugh when I say this but it’s true! Breathwork is a beautiful practice. It’s devotion. It’s liberation. It’s sovereignty.

Breathwork is an active meditation healing technique that have been used in cultures throughout history and in the yogic tradition is call pranayama. This practice allows you to somatically release and heal stored unconscious and unprocessed emotional material and trauma. You bypass the noise of the mental and gain access to your inner wisdom — the soul plane.

During an Embodied Breathwork Session we’ll discuss what called you to the session — what block you want to release, what challenge you’re facing, or what emotions are present. From there, you’ll learn the three-part Breathwork pattern. Throughout, I’ll lovingly serve as your guide, your witness, and sacred space holder as you move stagnant energy and release what no longer serves you. At the end of your session, we’ll discuss what emerged for you and how to move forward.

The best way to enter a session is full of intention (which I’ll help you create if you don’t have one) and to let all expectations go. If you feel called to this work, trust that soul nudge.

Breathwork is one of the pillars of my personal practice and it’s deep medicine.

After a session you might feel…

  • Increased self-love, clarity, peace, and confidence
  • Decreased fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and overwhelm
  • Greater access to your intuition and creativity
  • Renewed faith and focus

Your Embodied Breathwork Sessions take place remotely so, you can be anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and your computer/tablet.

This offering is open to all gender identities.

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