I’m still on a high from the Activate Your Light workshop that I taught earlier this week! It was such a beautiful experience connecting with so many of you.

Here’s some of the feedback from the amazing people who attended…

“That was deep!”

“So much value.”

“I learned so much. Wow!”

​”I’m definitely working with you!”

I’m truly humbled and floored by these comments.

I put so much love and energy into this workshop so I’m thrilled that it served so many people.

During the workshop I shared The Top 24 Ways We Dim Our Light​, and I knew I had to share it with you too. In under 7 minutes you’ll learn…

  • What I know in my soul about you.
  • What’s necessary if you ​really ​want to shine your light.
  • The top 24 ways I have found that we dim our light and I walk you thru how to quickly identify the top three ways you’re dimming yours.

And you get a peek at the beautiful slides I created for the workshop too!

Hit play to watch the video.

Feeling brave? Share the top three ways you dim your light in the comments.

PS: Did you enjoy that? If so, join me for the free encore workshop on September 27th. To sign up visit: activateworkshop.com

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