An Ode For Celebration
When a baby is conceived, we celebrate.
When she is born, we celebrate
and throw a bash for her ten fingers and toes.

We celebrate and delight
when she takes her first step
and says her first word.

Proud teary eyes,
display her scribbles,
and all the unrecognizable figurines she creates.

But as she ripens and emerges
with the fullness of womanhood
the scarcity of Celebration begins.

She starts to believe
Celebration is reserved
for firsts,
for milestones and
is a gift that must be given.

So she celebrates,
her birthday {given by her mother};
her graduation {given by an institution};
her engagement {given by her lover};
her awards {given by an academy};
her corner office {given by a company}.

When every Celebration ends
and she is left alone,
she busies herself
to avoid the pangs of unspoken sadness,
while she waits, and waits, and waits,
for Celebration to make her grand entrance.

She recalls her childhood when
the sweetness of Celebration clung to her
like cotton candy on sticky little fingers.  

Now Celebration’s
sacred whisper
seduces her
to break her silent compromise
with the hierarchical sacrifice of Celebration.

She is being called to remember
that when she celebrates
every moment
she becomes the allure for more.
More joy,
more happiness,
complete ecstasy.

As she enters this threshold,
her heart’s love letter
soothes sorrow’s wounds
and she is baptized in the
holy waters of Celebration.
Here she gulps its sweet nectar
and becomes 
the Chalice of Celebration.

—An Ode for Celebration for {you}, inspired by my beautiful sister-client who confessed she didn’t feel she had anything to celebrate when I asked her, “What do you want to celebrate?” during our coaching call.

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Should You Give Up?

Following your dream can be hard.

At times it might feel like a roller coaster ride.

I’ve had many people recently come to me and say they feel like giving up.

They feel like they’ve done so much and don’t know what to do next.

Let me tell you the story someone I know named Amanda; I think this will shed light on whether you should give up.

Amanda is a super talented writer. She wrote this epic fantasy book that I could easily see being made into a movie. Every time, I spoke to her about the book she litup and her excitement was contagious. Amanda really wanted to get the attention of specific publishing houses and agents and eagerly sent out her manuscript.

She waited patiently and one bright morning, she opened her mailbox and she got her first response! Yes!

She opened the letter and it was a rejection. Ouch!

Shortly thereafter, rejection after rejection came in the mail and she got really depressed.

I told Amanda that her book was AMAZING, and I gently suggested that she try to find her audience online.

She said “No,” because she wanted a big time publisher like Knopf to pick up her manuscript.

What happened next was a twist of fate.

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What To Do When No One Believes In Your Dream

No one believes in my dream, not even my partner.” 

This is what one of my clients said to me. 

Those words sent an arrow straight through my heart, because I’ve been there.

I know what it feels like to have NO ONE believe in your dream. Several years ago when I started my business (practically) no one believed in me. 

Not my partner at the time…He thought it wasn’t a great idea and frankly wasn’t interested. 

Not most of my family…They said, “Get a real job with benefits.” 

Not my friends…They gave me blank stares when I talked about my vision. 

Not even my business partner…This person said we wouldn’t be able to make a profit for years. 

The few people who told me, “You can do it,” were drowned out by the voices of all the other people who said otherwise. 

Literally, I felt the entire world was against me. 

But anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty stubborn, so I did it anyway. 

Now 5 years later, and a successful business under my belt I can say I know a thing or two about overcoming the people who doubt you. 

So when my client shared this with me this is what I told her:
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