Do you yearn for more in your life and work but you’re not quite sure how to create it?

You might find yourself…

  • Feeling uninspired by your current business or position because deep down you know you’re not sharing your soul gifts.
  •  At a soul sucking job imagining when you’ll be able to turn in your resignation letter.
  • Unable to see and bring your big idea into existence.
  • Feeling burned out and not knowing who to turn to.
  • Struggling with the thoughts that tell you you’re not good enough, you’re not loveable, and whatever you do it won’t work out anyway so why try.
  • Going through spikes of productivity followed by days or even months of being unproductive.
  • Constantly hustling for the next client, gig, opportunity and wanting it to end.
  • Overwhelmed by your mountainous long to-do list.
  • Wondering why you’re working this hard anyway while others seem to breeze by and get all the accolades and applause.
  • Constantly over analyzing, flip flopping, and intellectualizing whenever you’ve got a decision to make.
  • Numbing with food, work and Netflix binges.
  • Battling unexplained illnesses that appear out of nowhere.
  • Comparing yourself to and even being secretly jealous of other people who are doing “bigger” things than you.
  • Wondering if you’re on the right path and doing the right things.
  • Frustrated by the slow progress you’re making.
  • Foggy about your soul vision and the exact aligned goals and actions that you need to take.
  • Playing the waiting game – you know, lose those last 10 pounds, find that soulmate or Oprah to call.

Well, love, this  your soulful wake-up call to start a love affair with your light and create the freedom you crave in your life and work. You do deserve more. And now’s the time to make a choice to stop settling in life, love and your calling. That also means no longer waiting for the stars to align, mercury to go out of retrograde, or that person you love dearly to see the light or give you the greenlight.

It’s time to write your own permission slip so you can be completely seen as you are, and step out of your comfort zone. It’s time to do the beautiful, heart-centered, integrative soul work that will give you wings to rise.



THE LIBERATION SESSIONS is a soulful process for leaders — entrepreneurs, coaches and artistic souls like you, who are ready to create a life on your own terms. You will approach your ambitions and desires from the inside out: meaning doing the deep inner work so you can create sustainable success.

We will meet twice a month (over the phone) and dive into the powerful signature sessions. Throughout you will learn life changing distinctions and frameworks vital to standing in your light and creating the liberation you crave.



The Liberation Sessions are designed to give you the clarity, courage to powerfully own your light. Here’s a sampling of the impact of these sessions. You’ll…

  • Put yourself out there boldly, bravely and without apology.
  • Take actions that stretch you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Claim your true desires in life, love and work.
  • Let go old ancestral and societal narratives that keep you imprisoned with fear, doubt and shame.
  • Honor your desires and intuition.
  • Open you up to receive more love, abundance and success.
  • Transform your shadow into your superpower.
  • Step into your true confidence and power no matter who’s in the room.
  • Come into alignment with your time and natural cycles.
  • Put your ego at the service of your soul.
  • Stand boldly as an empowered and authentic leader.
  • Trust yourself: your gut, your body, your feelings.



After experiencing this powerful work my clients have landed multi-million dollar contracts, discovered their true passion, created thriving communities, healed relationships with partners, family members and children, reinvigorated their careers, booked roles in television and film, signed on with high powered agents and managers, landed book deals, and doubled their income.

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