“The money just isn’t flowing. I feel like there’s a block, but I don’t know what it is.”

I could feel my friend’s frustration and saw the fire in her eyes as we chatted.

The “more” she desired wasn’t really about a dollar amount, but the freedom that financial abundance brings. I listened intently as she continued to share what was going on with her financially. When she asked for my advice, I took a deep breath and said, “I needed to sit with this.”

After a few days, of meditating, doing shadow work, and reflecting on money in between diaper duty and feedings this is what came to me.

We are all living out our own personal money story. After years of verbalizing these stories to ourselves and others, these stories became deeply ingrained money beliefs that either limits us or free us. Furthermore, these wounds around money prevent us from being of service in the world at our highest level. Once we free ourselves from the energetic binds of lack, limitation and fear around money we will be able to use our gifts to positively effect the world.

Just imagine the time and space you’d have if you didn’t worry about money.

What would you create?

What change could you effect?

Who would you inspire?

Chances are you’d regain your presence, your peace of mind and be more on purpose than ever before.

Instead, most of us are weighed down by money beliefs like:

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