My heart is full after returning from the Sisterhood Rocks retreat in Tulum, Mexico!

To say that it was a magical experience, would be an understatement.

I must admit that I was a little nervous.

There are so many moving pieces when it comes to organizing a retreat, but that’s not what I was worried about. After spending years running and assisting on movie sets I felt well equipped for the challenge of planning an international retreat.

However, what had me anxious was now that I’m a mother, I have a whole other human being to think about. This marked Isaiah’s first journey abroad, so there was lots to consider. Would Mexico be too hot for him? Would he be inconsolable when I was away? Would it be too hard to hold space for the amazing women attending and still tend to his needs? Would I be able to pump enough milk? The list went on and on.

However, whenever those thoughts would creep up I would hear one word. TRUST. So I’d take a deep breath knowing it would all be okay. After all, every aspect of this retreat, from the location, to our eco-chic hotel, to the special guests arrived as perfect little packages from the universe saying you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Here’s one example.

I had a deep sense of knowing that this retreat was meant to happen in Tulum. Right before we booked the space Michelle (my fellow teacher) had an experience in Mexico where a perfect stranger told her to have the retreat in Tulum and book the exact resort that we were considering. At the same time I was doing a deep meditation and I heard that this was the place.

So whenever, I had a case of nerves I remembered these divine synchronicities.

Well, the retreat was amazing and filled with miraculous little and big signs from the universe for all of us!

It also helped that my hubby really stepped up to the plate. He decided to parent Isaiah without any assistance while I was away. What resulted, was an amazing bonding experience between father and son. They took daily walks on the beach, came to visit us ladies several times during meals, and got to know everyone on the beach because he was the man with the baby. It was truly a special time for them and all of us. This is one of my favorite photos of them.

And all the ladies loved to get a snuggle in when Isaiah came to visit and he loved all the hugs and kisses just as much. Here he is with one of our lovely ladies, Taylor. (I’ll be posting more photos on Instagram)

I joked with my hubby that he should host a retreat called Brotherhood Rocks and all the guys would come with babies, while their partners went on adventures. 😉

And an adventure we had!

Our opening ceremony was a powerful calling forth of all that we needed to support us during this transformational experience. What I knew for sure was that our coming together wasn’t a mere coincidence it was a divine appointment.

We came together in reverence for our sisters all over the world, for our loved ones, for our ancestors, for future generations, and for ourselves. We came together because we knew in the depths of our souls that our individual transformation would create a ripple effect in the collective, because we are not parts to the whole, we are the whole.

We came together in the name of sisterhood which is just another way to say love.

Making this commitment meant we all had to go deeper than we’ve ever went before, because the only way we get to stand in our light is by transforming the dark.

So, for 5 delicious days we ate, we sang, we practiced, we danced, we laughed, we cried, we explored, and honored the divine feminine in all of us.

Here’s the photo journal filled with highlights of our adventure in paradise!

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