8 Surprising Signs You Need A Coach

Over the years, I’ve met many women and men with big dreams and big visions who’ve spent years going around in circles. They’re caught in a cycle sometimes conscious, sometimes unconscious of self-sabotage, fear, and patterns and/or behaviors that derail their best intentions.

Sometimes the cycle is more subtle, but the end result is the same:

They aren’t living the life they truly want.

When appropriate I’ve suggested to some of these individuals that they hire a coach.

For many of them it was just the lightbulb moment they needed. There were a few who had considered it in the past, but the vast majority of people I’ve encountered didn’t realize they even needed a coach or that it was an option for the challenges they were facing.

And I get it.

Unless you grew up with parents who not only instilled the importance of getting support but also mirrored it for you, many of us, go at it alone in life.

I went at it alone for a long time simply because I didn’t know there was another way. When I first started working with coaches it was a leap of faith and I didn’t know what to expect.

However, I can say working with coaches has changed both my life and business. Simply put, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love, support and accountability of my amazing coaches and mentors.

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The Pursuit of Freedom (plus I’m going on an epic journey!)

I’m going on an epic adventure to Europe! I’ll be documenting it on Instagram! Come along for the ride! 🙂

Freedom is one of my favorite words.

Even saying the word “freedom”, I feel the surge of infinite possibility rush through me.

Growing up, I was inspired by people who were champions for freedom.

My heart swelled with excitement when I heard stories about Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks and Toussaint L’Ouverture. They were true heroes in my eyes, and I too, wanted to be a hero.

I believe that their stories serve as a reminder that within each of us is a heroine or hero waiting to be activated. However, to activate our inner heroine we must be deeply devoted to our freedom.

Which brings me to my second dream (read the first one here) for you this year. I want you to be free and experience the extrinsic and intrinsic pleasures of true freedom.

I speak to people every week who share with me their deep desire to shine their light, share their gifts and make a difference in their lives and in the world. However, they feel stuck. It might be due to a soul sucking job, not making enough traction in their business or career, or even from being single or in the ‘wrong’ relationship for years.

As I listen to their dreams, their fears, and their disappointments, I hear narratives detailing their individual pursuit of freedom; with epic triumphs and heartbreaking defeats.

What I’ve found is that there is a ‘Paradox of Pursuing Freedom’. Many of us pursue freedom as if she’s an elusive sphinx. We believe that once we solve her mysterious riddle, we’ll be welcomed into the promise land of freedom. But after a lifelong game it takes a toll on us, leaving us tired of this circular pursuit.

We wonder why do we always seem to end up at the precipice of freedom? How do we get from here (where we are) to there (where we want to be)? The answer?

We were born free.

It’s just that somewhere along the way someone told us we weren’t free, maybe not with those exact words, but in a way that made us forget our birthright. To reclaim our freedom, we’re only required to do this: Make one single bold choice, followed by another and another and another. Once we do, the sphinx disappears because we’ve solved her riddle. We are no longer on the brink of freedom but we are its beacon.


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Should You Give Up?

Following your dream can be hard.

At times it might feel like a roller coaster ride.

I’ve had many people recently come to me and say they feel like giving up.

They feel like they’ve done so much and don’t know what to do next.

Let me tell you the story someone I know named Amanda; I think this will shed light on whether you should give up.

Amanda is a super talented writer. She wrote this epic fantasy book that I could easily see being made into a movie. Every time, I spoke to her about the book she litup and her excitement was contagious. Amanda really wanted to get the attention of specific publishing houses and agents and eagerly sent out her manuscript.

She waited patiently and one bright morning, she opened her mailbox and she got her first response! Yes!

She opened the letter and it was a rejection. Ouch!

Shortly thereafter, rejection after rejection came in the mail and she got really depressed.

I told Amanda that her book was AMAZING, and I gently suggested that she try to find her audience online.

She said “No,” because she wanted a big time publisher like Knopf to pick up her manuscript.

What happened next was a twist of fate.

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