Last year, was one of my most “perfectly” planned years – ever. I had a European adventure in the beginning of the year, the creation and launch of a gorgeous signature program in the Spring and Summer, a beautiful and luscious retreat in the Fall, the start of a soul project, plus plenty of spaciousness for fun and pleasure.

I was ready.

I had done the work.

And now it was coming together.

Then I found out I was pregnant. Holy what?!

The excitement of this beautiful new life growing inside of me turned into thoughts like…

“How am I going to do all of this?”

“This wasn’t in the plans.”

“I’m not ready!”

Then feelings of guilt emerged for having those thoughts.

I had friends who were trying to conceive and here we were being given the gift of a baby. My complaints felt insignificant at best, selfish at worst.

So, I decided to suck it up and dove into super pregnant woman mode, which didn’t last long.

Morning, afternoon, and night sickness kicked in followed by crazy pains that had me worried something was seriously wrong.

When I arrived for my OB visit she laughed and said, “You’re not sick, you’re pregnant. Take it easy, rest, take a nap.”

Didn’t she know this wasn’t funny? I had things to do and accomplish in the 8 months before this baby arrived.

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