“The money just isn’t flowing. I feel like there’s a block, but I don’t know what it is.”

I could feel my friend’s frustration and saw the fire in her eyes as we chatted.

The “more” she desired wasn’t really about a dollar amount, but the freedom that financial abundance brings. I listened intently as she continued to share what was going on with her financially. When she asked for my advice, I took a deep breath and said, “I needed to sit with this.”

After a few days, of meditating, doing shadow work, and reflecting on money in between diaper duty and feedings this is what came to me.

We are all living out our own personal money story. After years of verbalizing these stories to ourselves and others, these stories became deeply ingrained money beliefs that either limits us or free us. Furthermore, these wounds around money prevent us from being of service in the world at our highest level. Once we free ourselves from the energetic binds of lack, limitation and fear around money we will be able to use our gifts to positively effect the world.

Just imagine the time and space you’d have if you didn’t worry about money.

What would you create?

What change could you effect?

Who would you inspire?

Chances are you’d regain your presence, your peace of mind and be more on purpose than ever before.

Instead, most of us are weighed down by money beliefs like:

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I’ll never have enough money to (go on that vacation/buy that dream house/start that business/make that project a reality etc).

“If only I could win the lotto, I’d be set.”

“The only way I can make money is by working this J-O-B.”

“It’s hard to make money doing what I love.”

These money beliefs came from our childhood, where we observed, heard, and intuitively felt our caretakers’ relationship to money. The dynamic we witnessed caused us to have a healthy or an unhealthy relationship with money.

Which brings me to an important point.

Many of us are simply reliving and regurgitating the money stories of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. They passed on their feelings of scarcity, lack and fear around money from one generation to the next. Despite their best intentions, their beliefs became the chains that kept us bound financially. Therefore, our beliefs and choices around money are based not on free will, but on generations of pain and suffering.

Case and point.

Growing up, I was told that:
It’s easy to lose money.
When you lose it, it’s hard to come by.
Therefore, you’ve got be extremely careful with money.

Looking back, I can clearly see why my parents had this story. We were doing pretty well until our house burned down, and a few years later after a political coup d’etat, my father was left jobless. Within a matter of years we lost it all, and by the time I was five, I was living in an apartment that had a minimum seven people living there on any given day.

I carried these beliefs into adulthood and this resulted in my having periods of financial windfalls followed by periods of being dead broke.

In order to stop living a feast or famine life, and be abundant inside and out, I had to let go of my outdated money beliefs and begin the process of healing my wounds around money.

I’ll be the first to say that when enacting any change it’s a process full of ebb and flow. However, with practice and commitment you can dramatically change your life.

Money Belief #1: Money = Success + Self Worth

Society tells us success and self-worth boils down to a dollar amount and it’s easy to buy into that myth. However, if you believe your worth is based on the number in your bank account, or by your credit card debt or lack of it you’ll constantly ping-pong from feeling good to feeling lousy depending on how that number fluctuates. Years ago, when our financial system collapsed many multi-millionaires committed suicide. I found it surprising that some of them hadn’t lost it all, in fact, some of them were still millionaires they might have dropped from being 9 figure millionaires to 8 or 7 figure millionaires.

Whether you have one penny or millions of dollars in the bank you are worthy. You were born that way. Being worthy isn’t based on anything that you have to do, because your worth is innate. You are here, so you matter and therefore you are worthy. When you truly accept this and disconnect your innate worth from your net worth, it will not only free you but also allow abundance of all forms to enter your life.

New Money Paradigm:

I am worthy. I was born worthy. Click To Tweet

Money Mantra:

I am whole and no number can capture my infinite worth. I release the need to let money dictate my… Click To Tweet

Activating Exercise:

For the next week, say the money mantra to yourself whenever you find yourself judging yourself or comparing yourself to others based on your financial status.

Money Belief #2: Money is scarce.

If you believe money is scarce you’re most likely tightening your purse strings and constantly saving for a rainy day. By doing this you block off the energy for receiving money.

I once knew someone who never liked spending. Although, she made a healthy living she rarely bought anything, always had an excuse when it came to investing in herself, and was constantly saving for a rainy day. Although she had a healthy bank account her energy around money was closed. Eventually, she lost it all, and saving for a rainy day became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The same can happen to someone who spends money unconsciously. When you’re unconscious about your money your energy around it becomes unfocused and scattered and you’ll find that money is constantly flying out your window.

Instead, strive for a harmonious balance between giving and receiving money.

Money is energy.

When you pay for something or someone pays you it’s an energetic exchange. By buying anything you’re saying, “Thank you. I honor your gifts and service on this planet through this financial exchange.” When someone pays you they are honoring your gifts as well. Notice that these exchanges are ongoing and never stop. Even someone helping another person across the street is an energetic exchange.

When you view money as a beautiful energetic exchange you start to come into harmonious alignment with money. Instead of approaching your money from scarcity and lack, you become grateful not only for the money you have, but the money you spend.

New Money Paradigm:

Money is abundant. Click To Tweet

Money Mantra:

Money is energy. Energy flows everywhere, so money flows everywhere. I gratefully allow the… Click To Tweet

Activating Exercise:

For the next week, every time you pay for something or someone pays you, stop and take a moment to say a prayer of gratitude. Bless the money that you are giving or receiving. See how that money will cause a ripple effect of good in your life and in the world.

Money Belief #3: I don’t deserve money.

If you ask most people whether or not they believe they deserve money, the majority will be quick to say, “Of course I do!” However, the reality is that many people are subconsciously walking around feeling they don’t deserve money. Consciously they think, “I deserve money,” but underneath their shadows and limiting beliefs keep money at bay.

Chances are you have this programming running if…

  • You have trouble getting clients or work in your industry.
  • You are undercharging for what you do or constantly haggling others for a deal/discount
  • You have trouble accepting money.
  • You feel triggered by or inferior to people who have money or who charge a premium for their goods/services.
  • You self-sabotage in areas related to money. (eg. paying your bills late even if you have the money or having unclear communications around money)

The first step in shifting this is to notice the ways you’re affirming the belief of “I don’t deserve money.” What thoughts, behaviors and actions reinforce this outdated way of thinking? Next ask yourself: Am I willing to let go of these thoughts/actions/behaviors? If so, start by adopting this new money paradigm.

New Money Paradigm:

I am deserving of money and all forms of abundance. Click To Tweet

Money Mantra:

I am deserving of money for my gifts, my creations, and just because I am worthy. Click To Tweet

Activating Exercise:

Spend a day paying yourself and recognizing the abundance around you. Here’s how this might look like:

“I woke up early today now that’s worth $1,000,000, I ate a healthy breakfast I’m giving myself $100,000 for that. I look good today that’s a $1,000,000 easily. I called my mom that’s priceless. I’m brought my unique brilliant self to that meeting that’s $500,000. I helped my elderly neighbor with her bag of groceries that’s priceless.”

This is supposed to be a fun exercise so don’t overthink it. This exercise is meant to bring a feeling of play and expansiveness around the topic of money. At the end of the day tally up all the money you made and imagine depositing this amount into your bank account. To further ingrain it write a check to yourself for that amount.

In Closing

Money is powerful tool that can be used as a force for tremendous good in our lives and in the world. As we heal our money wounds by changing our beliefs we create the energetic space to make a positive impact in our lives and the world. We become more creative, present and stand as integral money models for our children and grandchildren.

>>>Now I’d love to know what you think. In the comments let me know:

  1. What outdated money belief are you letting go of?
  2. What will you be free to do/be/have by letting go of this money belief?
  3. What’s one action step or practice you’ll take this week to let go of your outdated money belief? >>>

Know a friend who needs to transform their money beliefs? Please share it with them and your community by clicking on the share links on this page.

Thank you for reading and being here!


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